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We can help you to meet new friends from anywhere in the world

Worldwide community

After you sign up with Talkyo, you can chat with people from all around the world.

Moderated chatrooms

All our chatrooms are moderated to deliver the best experience to you.

Engage with the community

You can share moments from your life on Talkyo and engage with the moments uploaded by others.

What makes Talkyo unique?

Simple and streamlined chats

You can easily initiate a chat with Talkyo and take that forward through the interface of Talkyo! This will be the most convenient method available for you to meet new people.

Join any chatroom based on your interests

At Talkyo, you can find numerous chatrooms. It is up to you to go through them and join the best chatroom that matches with your interests.

Share your life

Apart from chatting, you can use Talkyo to share the moments of your life via photos and videos with the community.

Features that make Talkyo unique!

We offer the best social media network

You can gain access to a perfect social media network with Talkyo. You can upload your own posts for others to see and interact with the posts uploaded by others. You can also organize signups and polls through communities.

User-friendly interface for smooth and seamless conversations

We are offering a simple and easy to use interface with Talkyo. You can use this interface to get in touch with strangers and continue the chats smoothly.

We moderate the community

All the chatrooms and the community are moderated by our admins. This will ensure that you get a safe experience while using Talkyo to meet new people!

We ensure your privacy

There is no need to worry about your privacy while using Talkyo. We will ensure your privacy and protection at all times.

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